Bold Emboss
Italic Underline

Text color: 
Background Color: 
Glo Color:
Show Glo Glo Brightness Border Size:
(0 for no border)
Scrolling Amount
SemiTransparent Style Solid: 100% -=- See-thru: 0%
scroll size-->
NEW!! <--scroll size
Normal text colour is chosen from the "Text Colour"
Hyperlink colour is chosen from the "Glo Colour"

These colours can be changed later in TurboLister

Once you press the "Copy HTML code" button to copy the code, paste (Ctrl+V) the code into the "HTML View" section of your Turbolister description editor.
If there is some code in there already, paste this code at the beginning.
It is a good idea to do this at the very start before you write your description (unless you know HTML your existing description will be outside of the coloured background).
**NOTE: This page, and the code it produces, is best viewed in Internet Explorer**

/!\ Coming Soon: Custom Policy Editor
/!\ Coming Soon: Remember last settings
/!\ Coming Soon: Emboss setting for scrolling text